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10-26-2010, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
This is a healthy disagreement with a lot of agreement embedded throughout, for sure.

To be clear, I was against the 15 year contract at the time and still am, even without injury.

Did I believe DiPietro was a great goalie in 2006? Absolutely.
Was he flawed in his on-ice decisions and playing the puck? Absolutely.

I don't think the second point will ever go away - hopefully he can limit the impact in time.

Is he a great goalie now? Nope. But he's a very good goalie, far better than Biron was last year, far better than anyone on this team since DiPietro.

Is Roloson the better goalie today? I'd say so. I'm not sure who "won the job" at camp. God forbid we had some media coverage, coach reports, camp details! I won't pretend that DiPietro won the job at camp and that's why he started. Although it's possible, it's likely that the team's contractual commitment to DiPietro and the message that "you're still our #1 goalie, welcome back, we're still behind you" means more in the long run over "who's better at this moment"

I don't believe Gordon will only play the guy to help the team win now. I don't think he's ever done that. Otherwise we'd still have guys like Sillinger, Sim, Bates, Hilbert and a few McAmmonds with a sprinkle of Poti, Kozlov, Fedotenko to "win now" - clearly we're "suffering" through some tough times while the "core" HOPEFULLY gets good enough to make us perennial competitors. That's obvious.

I find it strange that Gordon's contract hasn't been extended. He's done all he could given the assets he's been provided with. He deserves a contract extension. But nothing surprises me with this team.

We all wince whenever any player gets near DiPietro. When he falls down to make a save and is slow to get up. We're all waiting for the next set-back and will all complain when it happens and probably blame a bunch of people - that's just being a fan. I just hope it doesn't happen and we get a goalie who can approach what he was before he got hurt. This team needs a goalie who can carry the team and win a playoff series. DiPietro's probably the only goalie who can do that (who'll be under contract once the team makes the playoffs)

If DiPietro beats the Rangers in the opening round of the 2011 playoffs - I won't be the one referring to this thread - promise.
Dude, your keyboard to God's ears.

Funny thing about this topic, we primarily agree, although I think that some of these kids are learning how to win. Again, it remains to be seen if they can keep the pace, but Bailey fighting to make plays and winning + Tavares creating goals nearly from thin air shows that they're learning to impose their will - how far it takes us this season remains to be seen.

Here's to hoping the results are to our liking.

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