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10-27-2010, 12:24 AM
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a good natural skater can skate on anything.

I've been on skates since I was 1 and a half, and have no problem skating on dull skates, but if i notice knicks or notice that i am loosing edges, i'll get em sharpened.

I'm usually only on the ice once or twice a week... 2 hours every friday teaching skating, and stick and puck sessions here and there.

and once the outdoor rinks are up... hopefully the end of november, i'll be on the ice 3+ times a week, and will get em sharpened about once a month, maybe every two months... since the ODR dulls the **** out of your blades. but ODR is only an option for not even half the year, in most of Canada... and I bet less than 2 months in a lot of the areas in the US.. or not at all in most areas in the US that get snow and a real winter.

when i was figure skating, i think i got them sharpened like 3, maybe 4 times a year, and i was on the ice 5 days a week for almost the entire year. for like 3 hours a session. no need to sharpen your skates all the time unless you have noticeable knicks.

and of course...USE SKATE GUARDS!!!! you have no idea who have been walking on the the rubber at the rink, and I guarantee you will pick up some stones or get rubber gunk on your blades. I even wear skate guards walking up to the Outdoor rink, only exception is hopping over the boards to fetch pucks... but that's usually not too bad since theres tons of compacted snow, although sometimes i get a bit lazy in January/Feb on the walk back to the car, if im frozen solid, and I don't think there's much chance of my blades coming in contact with cement. but really, you should have your skate guards on until you take one off step onto the ice with that skate, then take the other one off- and put em on the boards might seem super anal, but you should keep care of your blades...

which includes taking a towel to them after every skate, to prevent moisture which causes rusting.

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