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10-27-2010, 12:25 AM
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[QUOTE=JKP;28551962]Are you illiterate? Where do I say don't try?
Where do you say play the better goalie to win?
Where do I say throw games to draft more?
Where do you say start the better goalie to win?
Thank you for answering.
I'm saying DiPi is the goalie of the future.
I read that ad a few years ago.
He was an All Star.
yeah....thanks Brodeur for the injury and Miller for opting out. He was a solid goalie for two years. He looked like he was finally going to put it together and maybe stop his antics. I remember.
He needs to play NHL games to get his NHL form back. He can't do that in Bridgeport. If that means we lose a few games now to get him back, that makes sense. Roloson is a filler. A nice filler, but not a long-term solution by any stretch (simply because he has limited time left on his career.)
So we're playing this year to get Rick in shape, not to ride the better Roloson into the playoffs if Rick doesn't improve enough? OK, we're throwing the season in other words?

You must be a politician, because you build such extremist examples. Exactly how does playing DiPi hinder Tavares' development?!?! Or Baileys or Moulson, etc.?? It doesn't.
When is it the goal of the Islanders to do whatever it takes to win? Just curious? Does the team come before the Golden Child? There is a culture of winning teams have and I would hope people would welcome it.....but we're not willing to embrace it until Rick's ready? OK.

Why retire Rolo? He's the insurance if Rick's health doesn't hold up his reintegration or if he doesn't regain his form. Stop picking the extremes.
Definition of SARCASM
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b : the use or language of sarcasm
As for earning it, he's already earned it and has been an All Star in this league and kept some really bad teams somewhat competitive on any given night. He got hurt. He hasn't played for two years. He needs NHL-level work to regain his form. And, more importantly, the Isles need to know if he'll regain that form. The only way to do that is play him. That's why he's being started over Rolo. If that takes a month or so, big whoop. He needs to get his form back or they need to find out if he's not going to regain form. Why delay this? Do it now and find out where you are so you can plan.

I struggle with why this is a hard concept for some Isles fans. It's asset management 101.
You're his biggest fan I bet. He's eared it....two plus years ago. How is he now? Should his play NOW affect how often or if he is played? If not, I want Billy Smith to start. Yeah, Billy Smith. He could wipe the floor with DP under that criteria. We'd be starting a Hall Of Fame goalie over a fanboy fav and I doubt anyone here, under your strict criteria, would disagree with Billy getting 2/3 of the starts.

"the Isles need to know if he'll regain that form. The only way to do that is play him."
So, in other words, we don't care if we win games, or lose games.....just that we know how well Rick is playing. Got it.

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