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10-27-2010, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by The Spicy Shrimp View Post
It could cause a mess for sure. Someone hacked my skate after tripping over my stick, and I nearly went after him because it felt like nothing was being done about stuff like that. Maybe I just need to stow my emotions a little.
Probably. You have to have that "code" if you will. For example if a guy is slashing me(not hard enough to seriously injure me) or whacking, running his mouth, crosschecks just to **** me off etc. Basically anything where a guy is being a dick without going overboard. I don't respond back physically, but I will sometimes with my mouth, because it's really not worth it. The only time I get physical back is if I feel like the guy went overboard.

Examples of the few times I've lost it in beer league: Guy spears me in nuts for winning a battle for the puck along the boards, guy who is 100 pounds bigger than me jumps into me while he is carrying the puck and then proceeds to kick me while I'm flat of the ice. I took a Marty Mcsorley swing at him for that one. One time a guy slashed me hard in the helmet. Didn't hurt but that's just obvious disregard for someone's life. That's about it.

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