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10-27-2010, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by SUNRISE27EMTK View Post
See, I think what i quoted from you is a little off. I think everyone knows DP has talent and skill and expects him to be our starting goaltender later in the season . I believe we all know that he needs time but my issue is game time right in the beginning of the season where these games are really important. The Isles as of today have been a pleasant surprise to us all. They have picked up for the weak goals. I expect DP to be our goalie and I expect the NYI to beat whoever we play in the playoffs

DP is our starting goaltender in the future maybe mid season but now he is not. He needs more time as I have stated. I think if he progresses and gets back to normal form, we will be in the playoffs and sweep NYR
I think the games are equally important over all 82. In the Islanders case, I agree with you that these early games are more important ONLY because I believe early season wins can build team confidence, helping the team through those tough games before Christmas, approach mid-season with a better view of who they are as a team.

But DiPietro can ONLY get to his peak by playing in the NHL. That's no different than Nino, Bailey, Tavares.

I truly believe it's in the TEAM's best interest to get DiPietro back to form ASAP.

It's likely that the Islanders will be sellers at the deadline and many of the same Roloson supporters, today, will be pushing for a trade in February to a contender that needs a goalie (and I suggest the Flyers will be part of that conversation. Stay tuned)

I wasn't a fan of him when we drafted him. He is an Islander so that is all it needs for me. I don't care about the contract since we can't do anything about it and he is on my favorite team.

I want DP to succeed and be back in the All Star game or maybe just make the All Star team and decline to play would be better as well as help NYI win a cup
I wasn't a fan in the beginning either - mainly because of Luongo (not sure how I feel about that now though!) I didn't like that draft at all. Gaborik was the guy I wanted the most but really wasn't sure what he'd bring - tough without watching him play. I thought Heatley was overrated (not sure if I was wrong or not) and I didn't like Klesla or Torres.

It's too bad we got such a poor return for Luongo....but holycrap, do we really want to go back there!

I'd be perfectly happy to see them alternate starts and go with the hot goalie whenever. But I'm not the coach. I know Gordon's in the last year of his deal and I'm fairly sure he likes winning. It's possible that Gordon feels DiPietro's his best shot at accomplishing that, if not for the immediate next start, maybe for the whole season.

I agree with your reasons of why fans can't stand DP, I see that, but fans always turn on players unfairly. Being in the Toronto market and watching what Sundin went through for years, unfairly for the most part, seeing how Montreal fans turn on their own - it's not surprising.

He's an Islander. He was once a great goalie who was improving every year. Getting that guy back into form (or close to it) is a risk I'm willing to take at this time.

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