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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Assuming it's a no check league, you need to tone it down big-time. You shouldn't be intentionally hitting or tripping other players. "Chippiness" is something to be avoided in these leagues, not a tactic.

I've been playing only a couple years, and have gone from the very beginner-leagues to the low intermediates. One big difference is that as you get higher up, people realize that a little contact is part of the game. That "super-vicious crosscheck" you complained about in beginner you now realize is just the guy putting his hand on you to let you know he's there. That "ridiculously obvious trip" doesn't happen as often, because a feather brush of wind on your shin no longer knocks you off your skates.

I imagine as you move up into the advanced leagues, this is even more true. That said, as I move up in leagues there's a lot less slashing/shoving behind the play, probably because of what I discussed above.

Edit: In summary, beginner leaguers overreact because they're beginners.

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