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10-27-2010, 12:56 PM
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3 things (some of which have already been covered here):

1) The people who ref the beginner leagues are usually the worst refs a rink has. If someone is reffing a beginner league, it's usually because (like you guys with your skating and stickhandling) they just aren't that good. Obviously sometimes you'll get the better refs who are filling in or prefer a certain time slot, but the better refs are usually working the higher level games.

2) If they called every intereference, trip, too many men, etc. call out there in the beginner league, roughly half the game would played 3-on-3. Some things just have to be let go. And of course once you've gotten into a habit of letting borderline stuff go, the "borderline" becomes more and more lenient.

3) The chippiness often comes from beginners overreacting. Usually a team full of "bruisers" in a beginner league is either too stupid to know better (in which case, someone should talk to them, a team captain, ref, league official, etc.), too bad at skating to know better ("Oh god, I'm going full speed and I can't stop or turn!"), or just takes every trip & slash (intended or not) as a human rights violation and then tries to up the level of retaliation.

I play goaltender at advanced levels, but I skate as a forward in the beginner levels on a team with my family & friends. I've played long enough at high enough levels that somebody running into me doesn't bother me.

You simply have to understand the difference between what's a cheap shot and what's simply an illegal hockey play......but many at that level don't. If I've got the puck or am standing in front of the goal, I never get mad at pretty much anything anybody does to me if I've got the puck. Tripping me to stop me from scoring is not a cheap shot. It's either an accidental or a calculated defensive play. Why take offense to earning a power play.

Now, somebody punches me in the face after the whistle or takes a three-stride run at me long after the puck is gone, then yeah, I'll do something about it. But I can't tell you how many times I've seen players at this level get all huffy about being tackled in front of the goal during a mad scramble. Either you take a penalty to save a goal, or you get away without a penalty. That's just defensive hockey.

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