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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
Iím a model of consistency, so I will not rant about Richards because I know itís getting old hat to a lot of folks.

When it comes to like combinations, I think you have to match speed with speed. There are several reasons why I loathe the concept of putting Bouchard with Koivu. The first of which is the speed differential. Bouchard can skate. Koivu is slower. Brunette is even slower. Iím not knocking Koivu or Brunette for their skating. They are what they are. Bouchard is fast, they are not. Never mind that putting three play-makers on the ice as a forward line being a bad ideaÖ

Iím getting on board with Russoís concept of putting Bouchard with Havlat and Cullen. Half of the time, Cullen is off side because heís faster than Havlat. Havlat hasnít adjusted to Cullenís speed yet and having Latendresse on that line is just sad. Whenever itís Lats carrying the puck in, itís like a cluster F at the blue line with Cullen and Havlat hanging back.

Latendresse has about the same speed of Koivu and if we are really talking about mixing the lines, then for effís sake, put him on the right side of Koivu.

When Bouchard comes back, put him to the *right* of Cullen and Havlat. Havlat comes in on the left wing so often, I would betcha he can play left better than Bouchard.

I also think that the ďsystemĒ needs adapted *per line*.

If fully healthy, though, we are still one grinder heavy, in my opinion.

Who wants a Finn?

Who wants a Brad Pitt look-a-like?

If Havlat and/or Bouchard showed commitment to their shot(s), it could work.

I still think Richards might be thinking of Clutterbuck-Cullen-Bouchard and re-uniting Brodziak with Havlat and Latendresse, which is why he put Cal on the left side of Cullen with a playmaking RW.

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