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Originally Posted by Lososaurus View Post
It seems that every group I play with, whether it's beerleague or pickup, I can't make a pass.

Edit: I play defense.

Every attempted pass finds a way to hop over their stick, go between their feet and stick, bounce off the boards incorrectly, fly past the receiver or have an owl swoop down and take it away. Something goes wrong every time.

Are there any rules of thumb when it comes to passing? If a guy is cutting across the ice, I try to lead him, but the puck finds a way to miss him by an inch or two. Breakout passes find ways to come off the boards incorrectly or the receiver misses it completely. Saucer passes have ways of landing flat and the receiver never sees it.

For what it's worth too, I feel I pass the puck harder than most I play with. Ease up? Keep passing hard?
Its just that way sometimes in beer leagues it seems like if you don't make the perfect pass on their stick...they cant get up to it in time or slow down properly to take it.

You just really have to know the player you are passing it to more than anything in beer league it seems so you know if they can handle a laser pass to just need a nice soft one they can skate into.
Also just make sure when you make the pass you keeps your eyes on em so you know where they are headin and can help ya gauge the speed/distance etc better than just a quick glimpse up.

Im right there with ya though, often it seems like I cant make a pass worth a damn some games but there are the times the person could have adjusted better to my pass cause lets face cant make a perfect pass every time.

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