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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Or, maybe it's just that the refs have to deal with idiots who don't know the game, can't play the game, and don't know or understand the rules and can't skate the length of the ice without falling. Don't blame the refs, I've yet to see a ref start a fight, trip an opponent, or draw any penalties. The refs are usually upper level refs that can handle guys that think that this is their shot at glory and will do some pretty dumb things along the way.
Calm down. I'm not blaming the refs entirely. In fact, my next two points clearly pointed out issues that were solely the responsibility of the players.

But let's be honest here.....this isn't the NHL. Some of these folks are just reffing because they like hockey and want some extra cash without any bearing on whether or not they're actually good at officiating a hockey game or not.

I have friends and teammates who are also refs in some of the leagues I play in. Some of them are better refs than others. I tend to see the better ones reffing my higher level teams, and I tend to see the worse refs doing the lower levels. The people I know who play and work at the rink as refs are the ones who know better than anyone who is going to call a game well and who isn't.

This isn't an officiating rant, it's just a fact. The best refs at our rink usually the ones working competitive regional tournaments. They usually aren't the ones working the novice leagues at 11:15p on a Wednesday night. Those games go to whoever is willing and available.

The OP asked, in part, why his games haven't been better policed? Well, part of that answer is simply because the policemen themselves are novices, too.

You are correct that refs don't trip people (well, they do sometimes, but not intentionally). You are correct that the players bear the responsibility for committing penalties......but the refs also bear the responsibility for calling them. It is the player's responsibility not to get his stick up high in an opponent's face. But when a ref misses an obvious high stick that makes contact with a helmet because he was busy talking to his buddy on one of the benches instead of watching the play,, that's not an invitation to retaliate on the opposing player, but an official's competence is a factor in why an obvious penalty may go uncalled.

I'm thrilled that the rink you frequent has high-caliber, high-competency officials working at every level, even the beginner ones, at all hours of the day and night. Unfortunately, that is a luxury that most rinks do not have or can't afford.

Part of being a beginner hockey player means accepting that the refs are going to make mistakes, too, just as your teammates and opponents will, and that you're not going to have Kerry Fraser and Mick McGeough watching after every wobbly skating newbie.

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