Thread: News Article: Carter trade rumors heating up
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10-27-2010, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
By your argument, Thornton gets hurt and plays 20 games. He makes 18 assists in those 20 games, but since he didn't get 60+ assists, he's not a 60+ assist player.

Since his prime began, Carter has averaged 0.49 GPG which translates to 40 goals per 82 game season.

That's a fact. You cannot change a fact however you want to spin the truth just to argue with me.
Funny you mention of all people to compare with Carter (not directly) Jumbo Joe the Choker in a thread where most people's concerns about Carter's play has been his distinct inability to come up in games where he's had the game quite literally on his stick.

That's something you can't prove with stats which it seems like a lot of people are taking to heart with him. I think people for the most part realize his skill set and he'll typically when healthy pot his fair amount of stats in a season which will make the stat crunchers happy, but that never has and never will tell the whole story when it comes to the game of hockey, Baseball - perhaps, but hockey is a different beast when judging stats in a free flowing game IMO.

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