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10-05-2003, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Eh, there are odd comments here and there that I disagree with...let's begin...

Minnesota has poor group of prospects, and their fan support will dwindle
Wrong and wronger. Between Bouchard, Gaborik, Koivu, Foy, Wanvig, Veilleux, Schultz, Burns, O'Sullivan and Dupuis, the Wild have compiled a group of young players who put the Oilers to shame. "23rd in prospect development"? That's meaningless. As for fan support - hell, every high school hockey championship game there sells out (and they're played at the XCel Energy Center)...geez, Minnesota as a state is crazy about hockey.

Rutherford is a good GM.
Yeah, that's why he's still paying Sandiz Ozolinsh $1.5 million, or paying Irbe millions to start for the Lowell Rock Monsters, or signing UFAs like he's some kind of Cup contender...go further back, and you have him grabbing Glen Wesley for three first rounders (including McLaren and Samsonov) and the ludicrous Sergei Fedorov offer sheet. No, he's one of the worst GMs out there.

You're an idiot. Oilers fans know how to rate GMs because Sather won some Cups in the '80s? Get a clue, and stop trolling.

Moving on...Kevin Lowe...well, he's not bad, but he's one of the most overrated GMs in hockey.

The positives? Well, there's the York-for-Poti deal, the Guerin-for-Carter-and-Hemsky deal (which is the real feather in his cap, IMO...), his further unwillingness to give Mike Comrie big money, and drafting pretty well (at least, I think so - a lot of heart & soul guys coming up and I do think Mikhnov will make an impact at the NHL level)...and that's about it.

Argue small-market team all you want, the reality is that he has not made good small market moves - and this is something every Canucks fan knows well. Why does he trade Niinimaa's $2.9 million salary but keep Jason Smith at $2.3 million? Radek Dvorak will make $800 000 less than Anson Carter next that really worth it? Especially considering that he's willing to pay career third-liner Ethan Moreau $1.5 million? He moves to get Isbister's $1.6 million which time he is promptly stuck on the fourth line. Why not move Smith and Moreau, get less return, but keep Carter and Niinimaa? Especially when you have some physical d-men in the organization? Dopita was a boneheaded move, he overpaid Cleary then bought him out...lowetide refers to his moves as aggressive and decisive...those are only positive qualities if you make good decisions in the first place! He doesn't! He has consistently overpaid depth players at the expense of moving top-line talent. He puts an exciting product on the ice, yes, but I have serious questions regarding his long-term vision of the club and how he plans to attain that.
You're an idiot. If anyone's overrated it's Brian Burke. Every time I turn on the TV, who's on TV. Brian Burke. Linden, Jovonoski, May are some of the overpaid Canucks signed by Burke. Intentionally throwing games to get a high draft pick. Bure holds out when his contract isn't over. Letting Klatt and Baron go for nothing. Exposing Baumgartner and Langdon in the Waiver Draft. What right have to criticize a GM of another organization. When Kevin Lowe traded Carter and Niinimaa, he received death threats. How can Kevin Lowe be overrated when he gets criticized all over the message boards and receives death threats for the deadline trades. You really need to get your head out of your a$$.

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