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10-28-2010, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
Calm down. I'm not blaming the refs entirely. In fact, my next two points clearly pointed out issues that were solely the responsibility of the players.

But let's be honest here.....this isn't the NHL. Some of these folks are just reffing because they like hockey and want some extra cash without any bearing on whether or not they're actually good at officiating a hockey game or not.

This isn't an officiating rant, it's just a fact. The best refs at our rink usually the ones working competitive regional tournaments. They usually aren't the ones working the novice leagues at 11:15p on a Wednesday night. Those games go to whoever is willing and available.

I'll let you in on a little secret, refs that do those games don't make squat for money so you better believe that they do it more for the enjoyment. I'm certain you won't get the best of the best at 11 on a Wednesday night, but that's more an availability issue. I've seen guys that play with officials ending up in fist fights, yet the same basic group can go to a drop-in session and never have an issue. It's still the player's attitudes that causes the problems. You expect the ref to see every call against you and when they don't you retailiate because someone got away with one. Boo friggin' hoo.

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