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10-28-2010, 09:48 AM
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Well before starting hockey I had bad wrists from falling on em alot when I was younger(skateboarded). So I have wrist pains come in and out especially if I do an odd snap with my wrists that kinda KINKS it during the motion I guess is a good way of explaining it. Itll be sore maybe for few days at most...cant say I ever didnt play because of it though, more one of those things Ive grown use to.

Also had a pretty bad few days when I slammed my wrist on the corner of a table and literally could not put any pressure on it without immense pain...couldnt bend backwards/forewards at all. This lasted a few days without really going away so I started to worry but just kept icing it. Within a couple days it started to feel much better and I was able to play my game with no ill effects(prob 3-4 days after the incident).

If you just got it from shooting its just more sore than anything serious Id ASSUME. Obviously if you can't put much pressure on it without having a good amount of pain then just ice it and rest it. Doesn't go away in a few days or pain doesnt start to subside then go in to one of those edumicated doctors n what nots.

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