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10-28-2010, 09:27 AM
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There's a few possibilities, and I've dealt with all three:

Stick is too stiff

My first composite was a very stiff 87 flex (I'm 5'8 175 and use a 65 flex now), so when I would shoot, I would put all this force into the shot, but instead of loading the stick, the force went into the weakest link, which was my wrists. Also causes tennis elbow.

Stick is too long or lie is too high

When I first started, I didn't cut the stick down, so I had to bend my top wrist to get the blade to lay flat on the ice. That actually caused me to develop a ganglion cyst (which was creepy and nasty). But when the wrist is bent, again force will transfer into the weakest link. You want those wrists locked when shooting. FWIW, the huge lump went completely away when I cut my stick 2".

Wrist was sprained and needs to heal

Unfortunately, sprains often don't fully recover, or at least are prone to re-injury. I get them from time to time on my top hand because I badly sprained my wrists as a teen. The only way to heal is RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate). I will ice the wrist a couple times a day, take some Advil to reduce swelling and inflammation, and wear a compression wrap on it for a week or two. I got a great one at Target for about $15 that has a thick foam reinforcement so it is easier to put on than the old ACE bandage and it's sturdier too.

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