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10-28-2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Also take into account that a lot of Carters point fluffing is not a point per game, it is like the other night where he score 50% of his point total in one game. Also, what games are these, blowouts or close games?
If Carter wasn't putting up a bunch of points in those games, they wouldn't be blowouts and a lot would even be losses.

Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
How insightful. I mean, for every instance where a team trades their best goal scorer and wins a cup, I think I can show you 30 instances where a team trades their best goalscorer and wins nothing.

The case of Ray Sheppard has nothing to do with the Philadelphia Flyers of 2010-2011.
Didn't you hear? The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win six of the next eight NBA Championships!

Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Carter is a N-S player who cannot slow the play down, he gets his assists on the secondary assists such as the other night or by shooting the puck and actually hitting the net and getting a fwd who can follow up on the rebounds. Carters idea of an offense zone cycle.....rush up the wing with the puck, take a bad angle shot, watch the puck swing around the boards and an odd-man rush going the other way.

Giroux is a player who looks to set up the other players on the ice and slow the play down and creates space by his ability to pass the puck. He creates lanes because he finds the soft spots in the zone, looks to get the puck deep, and set up the offense.

He gets the puck to places where his teammates can score(see pass to Nodl), whereas Carter relies on his ability to shoot and get bounces to create scoring chances. Passing can be a detriment as well, because a passer can look too often to pass and not shoot. This would also be solved if Carter had a one-timer and could play the wing, thus complementing two-wtyle of play on one line.

It is pretty simple actually.
Yes, goals that result from such plays are actually worth less than the kind Giroux sets up.

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