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10-05-2003, 06:30 PM
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I'm completely aware that Minny is hockey crazy. But guess what, NHL doesn't come first there! It's lucky if it comes second!

The reason Oiler fans can say what Lowe is doing is good, bad, ugly is because we've seen both in the very recent past (well, as recent as possible). We saw the best construction of a team of all time in the early 80s. We saw one of the most disgracefull operations in the early 90's. We've seen many moves of the Niinima/Carter type, and have learned as much as it may seem a bad thing to do for this season, we'll be laughing our as$'s off at the other team in a couple years for doing the deal. Slowly but surely more and more outsiders are beginning to see that the Oilers moves of the last 4-5 years haven't been salary dumps, but maintanence to sustain the status quo, while stockpiling nearly un equaled youth (we are the youngest team in the NHL, and we make the playoffs - that is something that doesn't get enough attention IMO).

Short of the Senators there isn't a GM who wouldn't love to swap teams/prospects with the Oilers. Imagine what kind of monster we'd be if we could have went out and signed a number one Dman, and a top line forward. You have to remember that Lowe is building a team that will imediately win after the CBA, he's building a team that will be able to be molded into a long time contender. And let me ask some of you this. We had Niinimaa and Carter as top Dman and RW for three years. We were no closer to winning a cup - why wouldn't we move them if the loss is sustainable and there is youth gained?! Any ways... my rant is coming to a close, lol... I just have to touch on the MacT thing. MacT isn't that good of a coach, but he isn't that bad. He IS brutal for the teams special teams - him and Billy M. created a directionless and aimless PP last year. Management said that it was the players not the coaches fault - WRONG - the Avs powerplay this year wouldn't have scored with that super slow paced give and go they tried (and are trying). As far as it goes defensively though, MacT is one of the top five in the league. With an older group two years ago he had them the second best defensive team in the league. Last year there were just flat out to many kids in the line-up and it wasn't the system that faltered, it was the youthful mistakes. I hope that Simpson will take the reigns of the PP, as MacT and Billy M. suck. Defensively you can't ask for much more from Huddy and MacT - they are excellent.

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