Thread: News Article: Carter trade rumors heating up
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10-28-2010, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
That is an honest, well thought out answer.

My belief of watching this team is besides the 46 goal season I have not seen anythign that shows me that Carter makes this team better. Statistically he may be able to score 30-30-60pts over the next couple seasons, but I do not think he fits with what the Flyers have currently as a roster.

I think this team could potentially be a better team without Jeff Carter. Now considering how well Danny Briere is playing at center is seems obvious he is the #1 choice to stay so now you have three guys to fill two spots. This is where having him almost becomes too much of a good thing. So of the three who do you keep at center and who plays out of position? (I know Giroux played significant minutes as a Junior at RW but in the NHL it looks like he is best suited for center).
Something you need to think about.

In 2 of his last 5 seasons, Briere has missed significant time with groin/hernia stuff. This is his 33 y/o NHL season... and the reality is that this is a young man's game. Briere will degrade in the coming years... that's just the reality of the situation. Carter has been a better player than Briere in each of the last two regular seasons... by a wide margin. Carter's defense kept Briere afloat last year, and made him a demonstrably more productive player despite a significant drop in Briere's PP production.

Trade Carter, and chances are you will regret it with a quickness... you also take one of the few guys on the team that can pop a goal at any given moment in the offensive zone.

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