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10-28-2010, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Giroux has produced just fine from the wing position. Last year he would have been putting up really good numbers early on in the year if Gagne hadn't been chest sniping every chance Giroux created for him. From the RW position, moreover, he has the entire ice in front of his forehand...

However, he has yet to produce anything remotely resembling 2nd line center material over the course of a season yet... so if you trade away Carter, and Briere begins to breakdown, you're going to have a BIG problem with this team. Giroux, as of now, remains an unknown. Can he maintain a high point production pace over an 82 game schedule? Big question to gamble on if you're moving a guy that has been our best goal scorer the last couple of years (and, no, you're not going to get a player of Carter's caliber as far as goal scoring back).

Jeff Carter and Giroux have EQUAL PP time -- in fact, haven't they been running on the same unit? Giroux has taken over Gagne's PP time... and his PK time to an extent, as well as taking some minutes from Carter (a good thing, not a bad thing for Carter). Carter also plays more even strength minutes than Giroux.
IN theory Carter should be a good wing, I am just really unsure why he cannot make the transition. He has size, can skate well N-S, and a good quick shot. You would think he could excel at a wing with a guy like Giroux who could find him gaining speed through center ice and hitting him with the feed to break down the defense, but it just does not seem so.

The greatest value in Giroux is that you are right, he can play wing and center, that is the greatest tool, being a utility guy with such skills. Watching him at center where he has more ice to break down the defense makes him more of a threat IMO. Bottom line is if Carter is on this team he needs to be a better all around player on this team and more consistent on a nightly bassis, his contribution is necessary for team success.

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