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10-28-2010, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersguy33 View Post
This years Winter Classic is going to suck. The previous 3 were good for different reason.

Buffalo- First Winter Classic, played in the snow, great atmosphere.

Chicago- Very nice city, historic stadium, great rivalry between 2 original 6 teams.

Boston- Awesome town, awesome historic venue, perfect weather, oh and the Flyers played in it.

This year is gona suck. Its in a ****** town, in a stadium that was built less than 10 years old, nothing historic about it. The only reason they get the game is because of Buttman. To be honest Im probably not going to watch it, and I hope it rains.
What historic stadium would you like them to go to that they haven't been to yet?

Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Yeah, I really don't care about this WC. I hate both the Caps and Pens and I find it ridiculous that the Pens gets a second WC before a vast majority of the league even has their first. Not to mention that the Pens jerseys are butt-ugly and that NBC is going to stuff Crosby vs. Ovechkin down our throats for all two and a half hours straight. Don't very much want to see some more media ball-washing for Crosby or Ovechkin. We already get enough of that from Versus.

I didn't really like our WC though. It was a nice atmosphere, but the whole thing was really drawn out and really over-played by whoever decided to run it. The game itself was kind of boring and I still can't believe that they interrupted the game to have that dude sing Sweet Caroline.
Seems like the NHL is going through this is that they pay no mind if you've been the road team. The Flyers and Capitals have both been told they're in line to host one. In fact, that's how they got the Flyers to agree to go to Boston.

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