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10-28-2010, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I understand why the refs called a charge but a major? Come on. How does Colaivocco or whatever his name is not know someone is coming from the other side? That's the part that always amazes me. Whistles are blowing, he's coming around one side of the ice with a guy on his tail and he doesn't think Tootoo might not be coming the other way?

I will say this, regardless of whether or not the hit was good or bad, they need to get rid of the instigator rule and let the players police the game again. Too much goes on without any sort of repercussions. If Tootoo or other guys like him knew there would a price to pay for hits like that, I almost guarantee you a lot of the head hunting would stop. If the league wants a fast paced and action packed game, this will continue to happen. If they allow guys like Belak to do their jobs and allow teams to dress them somehow, then this stuff would stop. Once again, not gonna debate if the hit was good or bad but St. Louis needs to be able to go after Tootoo and in the same way, we needed to be able to go after Backstrom for the hit on Goc.

What annoys me to no end was the Perron hit on Rinne. The announcers said it was incidental contact but it wasn't. Rinne comes out ticked off and yet no one goes after Perron then or on his next shift. At that point the game was over, you don't let guys elbow your goalies head, ever.

I am a little surprised at what's happened to the PP. Early on we were passing and moving around and now it looks as if we're standing around again and moving the puck slowly. It's like they forgot what to do. I'm also surprised that Trotz hasn't tried messing with the line combos a little bit. Wilson being flanked by Erat and Dumont is obviously not working and I'm not sure Hornqvist is the best fit with Sully and O'Reilly. I think Hornqvist and Wilson need to be together in some form or another. Maybe Erat on their wing and move Dumont with Sully and O'Reilly. Who knows at this point.

We were going to lose one eventually. Good streak until tonight. Good thing is we have one night to think about tonight's game and then we're right back on the ice. I still like the team, just need some minor tweaks.
I agree with your assessment on the instigator rule. That's the reason for all the stick work that we have now because the little guys don't pay the price for all the cheap shots and that was stick work is. The enforcer game was a good game and Bettman is so afraid of his shadow and is trying to run the fighting out the game and it's not working. Just like football is doing the same thing and it just ruins the game.

I also agree about the lines combos. We were winning but you could tell that the offense had it's problems. No the Wilson line with Dumont and Erat is not working because Erat is playing like he's lost and Dumont doesn't fit on this line. Dumont needs to go to Leggy-Ward line and send Tootoo back to energy line. Hornqvist and Wilson would be a nice try to see if something can develop and scratch Erat if just for one game to show him that his game is weak now. Why doesn't Trotz play Sk more? It's time shuffle the deck

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