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10-28-2010, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
I think you can work on individual skills and see real improvement (your shot... faceoffs... etc.), but I'm not sure you can overhaul your style like that. I think by the time you get to the NHL, you can either pull of those one-on-one moves at speed and on the fly... or you can't.

I mean, I would be curious if anyone can think of a player that really improved in their one-on-one game like that to any great degree. Guys who already have that in their game improve (I think we'll see it from JVR, as he has some decent one-on-one stuff in his repertoire... just doesn't have the timing of it down yet), but you don't suddenly become what you're not.

The problem with being a good dangler is that for all the skill that goes in to being able to do that stuff... there's a whole lot of art (**** you can't teach/learn) that goes into doing it effectively. I mean, Rob Schremp can dangle the living **** out of the puck... how has that translated?
That's my point: you are a successful dangler almost by birthright (that's exaggeration, in case anyone was wondering), but something like one-timers is potentially teachable / improvable by repetition and hard work.

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