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10-28-2010, 11:25 PM
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Stretching is funny. I play net once in a while (I hate it but I have the equipment) but my son is a goalie and we always start with up downs getting up on opposite sides to warm up before we stretch. then hurdlers, straddles, toe touches, back stretches, crossing legs behind with pads on, then more up downs

Are you a butterfly goalie there are some vids on youtube on how to louse your hips to get a wider butterfly. Or you can do a straddle in net like in the vid I posted above. )

Have you ever played net before? If not it will be more advantageous to learn where the net is behind you by finding markers on the rink than stressing about goalie specific stretching.

Stretch the way you would if you where going to play any sport or run 5K for now and focus on learning the crease and angles.

There is a lot to learn about plying net.
Good Luck

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