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10-29-2010, 01:36 AM
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If we blank out the horrid loss against the Panthers for a moment, Ellis' numbers are pretty "ok" but even more important: In contrast to Smith he actually makes the save in a critical situation (remember that wicked glove in the last minutes vs the Pens?). Smith looks shaky, flops around and when the team needs to be able to rely on him his play tends to collapse.

Except for the FLA game when the whole freakin' team plain out sucked Ellis already had a few good games (Flyers, Pens; even Preds - none of the goals were his fault). You could even argue that only the Isles game -and of course the one vs the Cats- he didn't look very good. Just a slow starter maybe.

Smitty was benched early two times already this year and already looks like the 09/10 Smith again. Too bad, I was really hoping for him to turn things around and have a bounce back year. He seemed really confident before the season started. But right now Ellis looks way more confident, though that's easy because Smith doesn't look confident at all.

I get that it's a new system for both of the goalies so of course we have to be patient. Hell, we're 9 games into the season. After all isn't that one of Yzerman's key notes for the season? Patience?

Let's ride Ellis' "ok" streak and hope it'll last a while. Let Smith do the backup job and if his game falls apart entirely give Cedrick or Tik a chance and waive Smitty's sorry ass.

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