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10-29-2010, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
I don't understand that if a poster complains about one thing..... say "DP plays the puck too much", then he/she is put unfairly into the bunch with the "OMGZ DP sukz!!!!" group.That logic is just as unfair/wrong as a person saying "Oh just retire Rick and DP is too injured and He plays the puck too much and just trade him" with no reasoning. Both are stupid. Just an opinion

No matter what ANYONE thinks it looks like he is ours for the next few seasons until one of these youngsters starts and DP mysteriously retires with a "Lower body injury" and poster Hip of Rick cries for a few days.

He does play the puck too much, how many more giveaways does he have to make until you realize this? He also gives up a lot of weak goals.

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