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05-14-2005, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by sbtatter
!! Palin should get a contract with an affiliate somewhere, looks like a player you'd hate to play against. Weber looks awesome, tough and a nice touch with the puck. Must have been a lot of fun supporting that team this year!
Who would you keep as overage players next year, assumimg the NHL plays.
Have Kelowna always played that total team full court press?? That system requires smart, unselfish, inshape players, attack and defend as a team. Their transition game was near impeccable, very impressive.
If Brandon had got a couple breaks they would have won the 4th game, but still lost the series in 6 imo....
I believe Palin will get a contract with someone. It's been great watching Weber here for three years, too bad he has to go to Milwaukee next year but its time for him to advance.

Overagers next year will be Bodie and Darzins, we will have to pick up a 20 year old defensman to help replace Weber.

Yes Kelowna has for awhile played a two high cycling in the offensive zone, one stays by the net waiting for the puck to come out then he will go into the corner to get it. The full court press is played to perfection and really is a advantage to Kelowna.

Kelowna works hard every night, when Couture got traded here from Medicine Hat he thought he was in shape. When he was working out with the Rockets he realized that he wasn't in Rocket shape.

Brandon is a very good team to knock out in five games, we didn't deserve game four but we will take it.

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