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10-29-2010, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by TankEller View Post
Cap space didn't allow Gauthier to do so.

You'll argue about "he could have traded Hamrlik or Spacek for nothing"... Thing is, Gauthier didn't want to.

So according to his plan, getting a 3M+ scorer was very hard to do.

This is why I pushed all summer long and hoped to see him sign a bargain contract with a potentially good winger. Tanguay, Torres, Afinogenov (even though he flew back to Russia), Guerin or Nolan all are examples of guys who could have been signed for very little, who would have been willing to wait and try to jump back, and who would have signed for very little. Are they stars/top-6 players? No. That still doesn't mean they're useless.

Plus, at the time Gauthier traded Halak, we couldn't have got a whole lot of salary back, simply because we would have had to deal Spacek and/or Hamrlik, and that it was simply impossible to do so at this time of the year, just before an extremly deep UFA D pool.
So Eller is the best prospect that fits under Gauthier's paramaters? Is that what you're telling me? There weren't any top 6 wingers available for a low cap hit? If you have a GAPING hole, you fill it. If it takes trading an aging player you don't want to trade, you do it. If it takes signing a player via free agency. You do it. Spacek and least one of these guys should not be on this team.

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