Thread: News Article: Carter trade rumors heating up
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10-29-2010, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Stop playing fantasy hockey, stats mean squat when you do not show up in tough games and float for several games in a row. Watch tonight and tomorrow night and really watch his play.

The Buffalo game you could see him play, you noticed him on the ice making plays even without the puck. Watch him tonight when he matches up against centers who take him out of his game, he disappears against a higher quality of player and tighter checking games.
Stats are empirical evidence that make you look foolish... which is why you like to dismiss them.

BTW, Jeff Carter has 14-15-29 in 34 career games against Pittsburgh. Pretty *ing damn good production.

Joe Thornton and Ollie Jokinen are great stats guys, how many times do they have their names on the Cup.
We've established that Carter (probably?) didn't sleep with your wife. How about Jokinen, you love to bring him up, too.

There are a LOT of extremely good players that do not have their names on the Cup. So you should stop citing that like it's evidence of anything.

Some players are great talents but lack the heart and fortitude to take their team and game to the next level. Peter Forsberg was classic at this with the Avs. Look at a guy like Claude Lemieux who does not have the talent to put up big numbers during the regular season but move the playoffs and he dominates.
I'm going to blow your mind, get ready.

Claude Lemieux: 0.65 PPG in the regular season, 0.68 PPG in the playoffs. Yep, really stepping it up and DOMINATING!

Peter Forsberg: 1.25 PPG in the regular season, 1.08 PPG in the playoffs.

Over extended samples, players perform pretty much exactly same in the playoffs as they do during the regular season.

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