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10-29-2010, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post

OK, then how about 41 games, 12 goals, 7 assists, 19pts, and a -11(5ppp's). Those are Jeff Carters career playoff stats.

And this....86 games, 35 goals, 52 assists, 87pts, and a +4(17ppp's).
Carter has been in the playoffs 4 times.

Rookie year... they all sucked.

ECF run, in which he played well.

Busted shoulder, and was our most dangerous player for much of the series while getting robbed by MAF.

Played on two broken feet.

To me not only does Danny step up in the playoffs but he is also not as much as a defensive liability when it counts.
HAHAHAHA... were you not watching the Boston series in particular? I am still not fully recovered from the comedy of watching Briere skating around covering nobody. Briere is a defensive disaster regardless of when you look at him... he was just on a roll offensively (to an epic degree) and it masked his defensive stupidity.

Ray Bourque was screwed by Jeremy Jacobs ownership. This is a club who took Ray Bourque to salary arbitration. Ray Bourque, who had done everything ever asked of him. And so he moved on and won in Colorado.
Oh, so there are cases where not having your name on the Cup isn't a sign that you should be cast out and branded awful?

There are players who raise their game when the game gets tight and tougher, and there are guys who fold. Is having your name on the Stanley Cup the only goal? Nope, but the guys who play the game to win all want their name on the Holy Grail of hockey. Anyone who says they won scoring titles and this award and that...etc...and the Stanley Cup never really mattered were not playing the game to win as a team and is probably why they never won.
That's just it... over large samples, that statement proves not to be true. It's developed from the fact that the human brain is *ing terrible at processing large volumes of information, so you give bias to things like hot playoff runs and playoff success... ignoring when a player possibly has a mediocre playoff run later on.

For a GREAT example of this, go check out Derek Jeter, playoff warrior's stats. He had some hot playoffs when he was younger, but has been quite pedestrian since then.

It's called reversion to mean, and pretty much everyone is susceptible to it... both upwards and downwards over time.

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