Thread: News Article: Carter trade rumors heating up
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10-29-2010, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
My conclusion is pretty darm obvious. This team would be better of by trading Carter for a scoring, natural RW to fill that whole in the lineup. If it could come with a high draft pick it owuld be even nicer. As things fit right now Giroux is being forced to RW because Carter is incapable of playing a wing, or even trying at wing.
We already have a scoring, natural RW on this team to fill that hole. And Carter is a better center than him at this point to boot.

Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Come on, enough of the excuses. You do not have to agree but stop with the excuses.

And as far as Bourque goes the organization never got him the players he needed to make it over the hump, they were beyond frugal. Bourque went to a team who provided the players to win. Homer has done the same, so no excuses. This team by all accounts with the horses it has in the stables should be a no-brainer Cup contender this year then, with Jeff Carter leading the way, eh?
I love how injuries are viewed as excuses. If I cut off a players arm... and he sucked at playing the sport, would that be an "excuse?" Look, injuries matter... you want to win ****, you generally need to remain healthy. It's remarkable that we advanced through the playoffs given the injuries that we had... injuries are a primary reason last year was such a struggle during the regular season. Hell, if Ray Emery doesn't get hurt, John Stevens may not have been fired.

Go break your feet and start walking around when they're not fully healed... you'll feel it. Then imagine trying to skate around in the most competitive hockey league in the world. Go separate your shooting side shoulder, and then try to take a wrist shot... from personal experience with a mildly injured shoulder, it 1) hurts like a *****; and 2) you lose a lot of power. If your game is built around your... shot... that's a big time injury to have.

When Briere was Carter's age today, he had played in 6 playoff games, registering 3 pts and a -4. He didn't get to the playoffs again until he was 28 (so, in his prime).

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