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10-05-2003, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by wickedbsfan
Yep, these are the same facts that I'm going on too:

Evilo wrote:
"Dupuis asks for too much compared to his value.
Gaborik asks to be paid like Joe Thornton.
Havlat asks to be paid around 2M$ (can sens fans confirm this?)
Fleury asks for top end money with a deal that could go around 4 to 5 M$ with incentives."

1.2 is fine for Dupuis in my book. No problem with that at all.
Gaborik is pretty darn good, like Hossa good, like top five young forwards good, and he's more clutch than Thornton, fwiw.
Havlat is worth $2m sorry. But he is.
With these three players, we're not talking about chopped liver, here. They're quality players who are not demanding more than market value. If they weren't playing for OTT and MIN they would have been signed a while ago.
Okay, the post about Fleury's incentives from Steve Latin clears things up for me. Thank you. That is asking too much, I agree.

So, I'll concede that the Fleury demands are out of line, but on the other three I'll stand firm.
1.2M$ for Dupuis? OK the question is would you have given up 1.2M$ for him a year ago? The answer is easy : no.
Now does it take one year to establish oneself? No.
Simple logical conclusion : until he's proven himself over the time, Dupuis doesn't deserve 1.2M$.

Now onto Gaborik.
Compare Gaborik's stats and Thornton's. I like Gaborik but he scores less is more inconsistant, and is less of a power forward. Basically he brings much less than Thornton. And he's younger and has more time to up his salary after finding his consistency.
Simple logical conclusion : Gaborik doesn't deserve to be paid like Thornton yet.
Onto Havlat. No matter how good, Havlat is a third liner on his team. He should be paid less than Alfredsson and Hossa. Why the hell is he asking for Hossa's salary when he hasn't come close to his impact and points total?
Simple logical conclusion : Havlat is not worth Hossa's salary.

Simple logical conclusion : These guys are asking for too much.

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