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05-15-2005, 03:34 AM
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Vote for (1) or (2).

(1) If one misses one's 12-hour window then we will simply go on to the next drafter and the pick will be made up whenever possible. But, if one misses a window, then one's picks in future rounds will be reduced to a 6-hour window and indicated by a ("6") next to one's name.


(2) Everyone get an assistant-G.M.. Before the draft starts everybody buddy up and get another G.M. in this draft to pick if one is unavailable. If an assistant-G.M. isn't chosen, one would be assigned, and remain in the position for the entire draft. The assistant-G.M. would have both:
(a) the conditional right to pick for one's team during one's 12-hour window (one could authorize them to by P.M. indicating a short list of who you'd want - if they don't pick that guy for you while you are away then you may veto the pick before an entire round has passed)
(b) the absolute power to pick for one's team after the 12-hour window (no veto possible). There is no extra window time. The assistant-G.M. could simply make-up the pick a.s.a.p. after the window finishes.

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