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10-29-2010, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RED ARMY EAST View Post
Obviously, not a lot of class shown by Lavigne, but I have to mention that U de M didn't show a lot of class in this game either!!! Failure to control there emotions from the bench. Some of there defense were using foul language that could be heard from the stands (children) and trying to goat Lavigne, especially in overtime when they had just killed a penalty and were about to go on a powerplay. From my view point, this only served to stoke the fire.
And Lavigne was goating them right back. And he's been doing it since he's been in the league too, this isn't anything new. As for the foul language, I got a beverage dumped on me about 11 years ago by a STU fan while I was sitting behind the visitors bench at the LBR. I'd much rather have heard foul language than having to go home all sticky that night.

Lavigne wanted to come here last year, the more I see him go the more glad I am that Lachance came back for a fifth year last year.

Originally Posted by SnipeShow91 View Post
referee wasnt all that great. He didnt really catch much on either side (including a pretty blantant knee on knee by brad gallant,) I also thought if you hit someone from behind its 2 and a game, because a friend of mine and i were debating if they were going to put Cheremetiev back on forward (because seriously....why was he playing defense all game?) and then Banfield was back in the game with 8 minutes left. Also, dont understand how either bench got a game. I understand Lavinge, but seriously, OT winner, how could Mike control his bench and how could Serge control his bench when everyone is on the ice anyways hugging Yuri/consoling Marion.
I didn't see the knee on knee hit and no one mentioned anything about it to me, but if you saw it i'll take your word for it. The Checking from Behind rule has been changed, it's now a 2 and a 10. The 10's are cummulative though (like any other 10 or misconduct penalties) and I believe after 3 you get a 1 game suspension, but don't quote me on that last part. Totally agree with both benches' misconducts though, if Lavigne hadn't made an idiot of himself, nothing would have happened and both teams would have gone their separate ways. Even with what happened I think the referee should have just let it slide on both sides.

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