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10-30-2010, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Papaspud View Post
It used to be " dump and Thump" sadly now it's now just dump....and pray that we get it back. Losing tonight to the Devils, the team with the worst record, as of now, is just plain pathetic. The Guppies light them up for a huge goal differential. The Ducks on the other hand, lose 2-to ****ing 1. This was an easy 2 points. To not capture those 2 means eitherA: the coacing team didn't get the team ready......orB: the team wants RC gone, and will lose just enough to force Samueli's hand.
Interesting. So there are only two options? It's not possible that this team just might not be that good, even though that is exactly what the standings suggest? Anaheim has played more games than almost every other team, and they are still near the bottom of the standings right now.

There is no such thing as an "easy 2 points" because this is the NHL. Even in 2006-2007, when Anaheim was simply the best team in the NHL, they lost games at times to teams they shouldn't have lost to. Every team has games like that. Tonight, Anaheim had a chance to win. Take away Hiller's horrible 1st goal, and Syvret's equally bad turnover, and this is a 1-0 game. This was a close game. It was two teams not playing great hockey trying to get 2 points. New Jersey is just the one who came out with those 2 points.

This game didn't show us anything we didn't see in previous games. Turnovers. At least one soft goal from Hiller. Questionable defense. Inconsistent offense. This is the same crap we've seen in 10 other games so far. Even when Anaheim is winning they are ugly wins, full of these same problems. It shouldn't surprise anyone when we lose a game the same way we've already been losing games, and even winning games.

Right now we have a GM who can't even tell the fans what kind of team he is trying to put together. If he can't give a clear, concise answer to that question then what makes people think he can find the right coach? Has he given us any reason to trust that he can? He certainly doesn't seem to be finding the right players. I have no problem with getting rid of Carlyle, but I don't see the point while we have Murray.

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