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10-30-2010, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
No worries of seeing that guy again, much like the staged 3700+ crowd at SMU, they had held a pep rally at the student pub on campus before our home opener, a huge 100 or so students showed up to the game. No big chances of seeing any of them again until the playoffs, if even then.

Yeah, the LBR had quite the concessions back then And I agree, any sports team anywhere in the world has it's share of idiot fans, and that's not about to change either.

Being anything but an Acadia fan at Antigonish Arena was almost a death wish. Much like the Antigonish Arena, I won't miss going to the LBR all that much next year... both past their prime for hosting varsity hockey.
Yes, m
Moncton used to let students get behind the visiting bench and pound on metal garbage cans at the Levesque arena.
Remember the old Tomcat mascot of the Tommies? He used to skate around and shoot pucks off the boards, until he got loaded one evening and banged into the side of the Zamboni.
Never saw much of the Tomcat after that! Rum Row used to get on Len Doucet
( Les Aigles coach) to the point, that he tried to get up into the stands one night with a cane.
Maybe Mike can get that old costume back out and dress up lavigne in it!

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