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10-05-2003, 08:52 PM
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I feel just someone has just pulled the rug out from underneath you, and all of a sudden you're left with nothing to grasp on to, no reality that's real. The reports had been somewhat positive over the last few days, and than this prayers go out to Dan Snyder's friends and families, as well as to Danny Healtey's, although for seperate reason. Heatley will get the punishment that's given to him, and he deserves it. Dan Snyder was a father, a son, and a good person, and now he's gone, partially or fully because of Heatley. Heatley made a bad bad mistake, and has to pay the consequences. However, I am not going to demonize dany heatley; I do not feel he's a bad person, I think he's a good person who made a bad mistake...often times, the worst mistakes don't come from clear cut bad guys. I feel for the guilt heatley will have to endure, and the process of getting his life back in order, without mentioning whatver happens in his career. This is a complex moral situation, and I am no therapist or lawyer...I can only say what I feel.

RIP Dan Snyder, I hope you've found a better place.

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