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05-15-2005, 01:45 PM
bring on the draft
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IMO, Manchester had as much depth, if not more, than the Phantoms and the P-Bruins did quite well. The same could be said for Lowell.

The first two games are key with 3 in a row being played in Providence.

Assuming they get past this, the Calder Cup finals will be tough as both Manitoba and Chicago are very good. It would be nice if an AHL team (as opposed to a former IHL team) could win the cup this season.

It will be curious to see if anybody decides to start showing up at the Phantoms games. The fact that they have drawn so poorly in the playoffs is rather sad. Quite frankly, it just proves the point that Philadelphia is not a hockey town, but just a Flyers town.
Being a Manchester fan as well as a Phantoms fan, the Monarchs lack something that Philly has and Lowell even had. heart. The Monarchs have not been a playoff team all 4 seasons they have been in Manchester. Providence was able to shutdown the top line in Lowell and took advantage of the shaky goaltending Lowell had in that series. Andy Murray insisted from LA that Garon start every game when Hauser had the better numbers vs. the Bruins this season, hence the reason for that. Garon has been and allways will be OVERRATED.
I just dont think Providence matches up well with Philly, especially now with Carter and Richards on the team. Maybe im a bit biased twords Philly but i saw enough of Providence this season to know that i dont think they have enough to deal with Philly. Not to take anything away from what Providence has done. They have a great run so far. I just think it comes to an end in this series.

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