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Originally Posted by blueberrydanish View Post
First off, I dont think a parent should never really think this to begin with realistically. Id say within the first year or two a parent should be able to tell how serious their kid is about the sport just by their attitude and worth ethic towards it, but it can change.

Obviously kids can develop this kind of commitment to the sport at different ages though so even if your kid isn't taking it too serious but still enjoys playing, give them all the opportunities they want to do so. Kids are still able to get "serious" and try to shoot for a high level of play even in their early teens if they want, I believe Mike Green started hockey at 13 or 14.

In my opinion don't put any pressure on the kid to take things serious if they aren't really willing...let them learn to enjoy themselves first. Ya, as a parent Im sure everyone believes their kid has all the potential in the world, and its good to reinforce this verbally to them, but dont force anything on them.
this...i think that the question is kind of a parenting question more than anything but i can now see both a kid i played sports and my parents forced me into them and i felt pretty much that i HAD to play, it resulted in me quiting senior year even though i was very good and played at a high level i was just burnt out and couldnt stand to play anymore because it wasnt fun. I was never able to have fun/love the game and if that was why i was playing i think i could have played longer and gotten better due to it being fun and me wanting to play more (practice). but as a parent i know that you see your kids as the best and you want them to know that they can do ANYTHING as long as they work at it...its a fine line between YOUR dream for you kids and THERE dreams, this is a good question though and one that as a parent i think you have to answer on your own....all i can say is for me personally (as a kid) if i would have been taught how to have fun and love the game it would have been most beneficial for me.

also, i heard a quote the other day (dont know who said it) about how scouts look at kids who are going to be good or okay and kids that are going to be super stars and it was:"when you look at these kids, the ones you know are going to be super stars are the one's who LOVE the game" look at the superstars of the NHL and i think that holds VERY ture....hope this helps but again it all depends on the child, some just need to be pushed more

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