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10-30-2010, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Typical Sting. OMG. The same guy who trashes Gomez and always finds a way to defend Drury. Poor Drury doesn't have the proper wingers so that's the reason why he isn't successful.
I defend Drury because I like the way he plays the game (unlike Gomez). I never wanted EITHER of them at the price they were signed for. That's the point. That's the difference here. They weren't worth overpaying for. Richards is.

Also, I didn't say that Drury isn't successful because of a lack of wingers. He spent his time in Buffalo playing with Mike Grier. The reason Drury doesn't provide offense on this team is because, unlike Buffalo, he isn't placed in front of the net on a power play unit with 4 other high skill players.

Richards will be 31 years old this spring. He is not coming to New York unless the Rangers give him a ridiculous long-term contract worth in excess of $7 plus million per when two of their top young players are centers. That's good cap management. That philosophy has worked so well for the Rangers. The CBA expires in 2012. Management is looking to lower the cap in the next CBA. The players want a cap on escrow. So the Rangers are going to sign Richards to a long-term contract in the last season of the current CBA when the system won't be the same. Wonderful cap management.
It would be a big mistake, IMO, to go forward with the assumption that Stepan is the answer for first line center. I just don't think he's that player, and no one should take that as me putting him down. Those players are few and far between. Richards is one of them. Henrik Lundqvist is going to be 29 years old in the spring, and so is Marian Gaborik.

Let's say we move forward without a major acquisition at center (and again, I'm not advocating trading for Lecavalier, just Richards or Spezza if the Sens decide to trade him, which they should not and probably will not do). We'll give Stepan and Anisimov about 2 seasons to step up to the plate and prove they are a strong enough option at first line center. What if neither is? What if both are very nice, strong second line centermen, but not an answer to Crosby/Backstrom/Kopitar/Stamkos/Sedin/Kane (who is the Blackhawks real playmaker)? At this point, Lundqvist and Gaborik are both 31. Then what?

And I don't think Richards is going to get as ridiculous a contract as you expect him to. The best teams in the league already have great centers and not much cap space. That's why they're the best teams in the league. The list of suitors will not be that long for him, and of the ones that are there, I think the Rangers are one of, if not the best, fits for him, and vice versa. Who is going to pursue him? There will be 8-9 interested teams, with only 3-4 ready to make serious offers. We'll be one of them. His contract, however large it will be, will only be troublesome for a year, because when Drury and Rozsival's deals are off the books, it won't be so crazy to have three big contracts on the books when all three players are worth the money and produce results (Henrik, Gaborik, Richards).

There is nothing wrong with free agency when you only dole out big dollars to players that are worth them. That's what well-run teams have been doing for a long time. The problem is overpaying bums. Richards is no bum.

Ridiculous? You've got Cam Fowler shrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Cam is sure taking his sweet time coming back from a stiff neck. Yesterday,Randy Carlyle was telling the media about Fowler being available to play against Jersey while Fowler said he needs more time. Cammy is really doing a lot to shake the "soft" label. He better keep his head up when he finally returns before someone takes him out with another head shot. He's no Brett Favre.
I've got Cam Fowler enshrined in the HHOF? What are you talking about? I just like him more than McIlrath, but the guy I really wanted them to pick wasn't Fowler. It was Tarasenko.

What deal did Dubinsky get? 2 years?$3.7 million. Anisimov has a big season and he's getting more than 2 years for $2.5 million. ON PACE. Read it again.
I meant 2 or 2.5 PER season. Right now, we're 10 games into the season. There about 75-80 players around the league on pace for a PPG season, or better. Who cares what he's on pace for now? The end result is what matters.

Wolski got 2 years/$7.6 million from Phoenix. Wolski has put up better numbers than Dubinsky and Callahan. Wolski had 65 points last season. Previous seasons. 50,48 and 42 points. Bypassed salary arbitration. Callahan's highest point total is 40.
My guess is if you offered either Callahan or Wolski to any team in the league, a large majority would take Callahan, which is why I think he's in line for a solid raise. Fans really don't understand, I think, just how valuable Ryan Callahan is to this team, or how valuable he would be to any team. Hopefully, his agent isn't going to take full advantage of that. If I'm John Tortorella, and Glen Sather asks me for any kind of input into roster moves, the first thing out of my mouth is, "Glen, before we discuss anything, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Unless you're acquiring Crosby, Ovechkin, Doughty, Stamkos, or maybe two or three other guys, you never, ever trade Ryan Callahan."

I don't think the same can be said about Dubinsky, even if he outscores Callahan, which he probably will. But if both are asking for a nice chunk of change, I think he's the guy that goes.

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