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10-05-2003, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Minnesota has poor group of prospects, and their fan support will dwindle
Wrong and wronger. Between Bouchard, Gaborik, Koivu, Foy, Wanvig, Veilleux, Schultz, Burns, O'Sullivan and Dupuis, the Wild have compiled a group of young players who put the Oilers to shame.
Considering their draft position for their first few seasons, the Wild *ought* to have some studs. Frankly, aside from Gaborik, I'd just as soon have our group.

Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Argue small-market team all you want, the reality is that he has not made good small market moves - and this is something every Canucks fan knows well. Why does he trade Niinimaa's $2.9 million salary but keep Jason Smith at $2.3 million?
Could be the Islanders weren't interested in Smith...

Janne's 28. He's had chronic back problems. It's not likely he'd be around for long after the 2004 lockout anyway, and his contract is up after this season. As a result, his value as a tradeable asset is probably just going to continue to decline.

Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Radek Dvorak will make $800 000 less than Anson Carter next that really worth it?
After seeing Anson Carter vanish during January and February each season as an Oiler, I don't see why not.

Aside from being 2 years younger and 800k cheaper, Dvorak has scored 30 in the NHL (Carter never has) and plays a better 2-way game.

He hasn't played at the same level since the catastrophic knee injury of a couple of seasons ago, but it often takes players a year or more to get back on track after injuries of that severity. Lowe has gambled that Dvorak will return to his pre-injury level of play. From what he showed late last season and in the playoffs, things look promising.

Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Especially considering that he's willing to pay career third-liner Ethan Moreau $1.5 million?
You're aware that Moreau has just agreed to a considerable pay-cut on a long-term contract, right? $5.3m over 4 years for a guy who provides a lot of grit, heart, and experience isn't a bad deal in my view.

Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
He moves to get Isbister's $1.6 million which time he is promptly stuck on the fourth line. Why not move Smith and Moreau, get less return, but keep Carter and Niinimaa?
Isbister wasn't brought in because he was a 2nd line player. He was brought in because he *could* be a 2nd line player. Recall that Mike York also wound up on the 4th line after arriving in Edmonton. Does that mean picking up York was a mistake? hmm- well, he wasn't on the 4th line the next season, was he. Not comparing the two players... just pointing out that it's pretty foolish to evaluate the trade based on a dozen games at the end of the '02-03 season. Isbister is starting this season in the Oilers' top 6. If he's not in the Oilers' top 6 by the end of this season, then *that* will be good reason to suspect the trade didn't work out.

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