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05-15-2005, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeS
Funny how there is so much Constantine bashing when he has had such success with the WHL castoffs! As far as "letting someone off the leash" these kids are learing to be two-way hockey players, playing within the team's overall abilities, not beyond it.
Good for them. As far as I'm concerned, two-way hockey doesn't include the neutral zone trap.

In the years ahead, as the kids Soetaert assembled mature and replace the guys nobody wanted, there will be no leashes. Only kids who are more concerned about the name on the front of the sweater than the name on the back.
Okay. Fair enough, but you won't see too many guys play to their potential if you continue to play a suffocating system.

Funny, too, how you can say Soetaert is OK, but not like Constantine, who Soetaert hand selected to coach the guys he assembled...
That still doesn't make him the problem. Soetaert didn't tell Constantine to play a dull, uninteresting style of hockey with some of the best young players in the WHL, that is just the style he plays. The WHL and other CHL leagues should be a showcase for talent, not a system-laden borefest.

However, I think it's all a part of a larger problem. Even minor hockey players across the country are taught to play defense first, and offensive creativity is stifled at a younger age.

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