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Originally Posted by Kind of Blue View Post
A lot wrong with that statement.

First, next year's salary cap will be based on this year's Hockey Related Revenue (which would only include the current rights fee from Versus, plus the revenue-sharing agreement with NBC). When a new television rights deal is reached next year, it will affect the 2012-13 salary cap (unless some upfront money from the new rights holder is included in 2010-11 Hockey Related Revenue).

Second, when the new television rights deal does kick into the salary cap calculation, that revenue would not be "pumped directly into the salary-cap number," which is how he came up with his number -- $100 million divided by 30 clubs. The players' share of Hockey Related Revenue is 57%. Therefore, if the new television rights deal brings in an additional $100 million relative to the current deal, that's an additional $57 million into the pot. And that would be assuming the players' share and the salary cap calculation don't change under the current CBA.

To be safe, say a modestly improved TV deal could add a million or two to the cap.
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