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10-05-2003, 08:14 PM
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You guys should read the business forum.

Actually, the situation is simple: players are saying to the owners "we don't want a salary cap, this CBA can work".

The current CBA lowballs young players, giving them no leverage. All players without arbitration rights should just get the qualifying offer and nothing else if the owners play the CBA like it was meant to be. In other words, if you take the CBA by the letter, than a player asking for more than the qualifying offer asks for too much.

However, as we see, players that have good on-ice performance and fans that see different salaries for players that are in different CBA categories won't have that (qualifying offer). Which is why the current CBA doesn't work.

Many fans keep saying it's up to the owners to fix their business, but they don't support the owners that are actually doing it (by letting players with no leverage hold out if they don't sign their offer).

Ottawa, Minnessota and Pittsburgh are just doing business the way it should be done (but the way it hasn't been done yet, which puts the owners in a bad financial situation).

Thumbs up to the teams for sticking up to their salary structure. Thumbs down to Walsh, a money-milking agent, who is putting his clients in a bad position. Let those players hold out 1-2-3 years and then don't offer them a gold mine to return (like NYI did with Peca and Yashin).

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