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10-31-2010, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
well, again he plays the boards REALLY well...but hes nowhere near good enough to do it by himself...hes a good support player for a guy like Gabby.

id be real interested to see him, Prospal and Gabby on a line.

Remember how well Marcel Hossa worked for Jagr? him getting to the loose pucks and buying Jagr time and space? I think thats the same thing with Frolov, buying other people time with his board work. His passing isnt awful either.
Frolov does a lot of stuff really well. But he has no consistency and he plays like he doesn't care half the time. He's a lot better than Marcel Hossa, but he doesn't play smart. I do think he's a good fit for Gaborik, and so is Prospal. Prospal's enthusiasm could help make up for Frolov's lack of it. I imagined that would be the line, or with Christensen platooning with Vinny, for the majority of the season.

With that said, hes not a player i particularly care one way or another if we keep him next season (unless its for even less than he makes now).
If he plays like this for more than a third of the season, then I hope they cut him loose. Or even deal him at the deadline for a pick.

I still think the biggest thing is getting Drury the Eff off this team and freeing up that cash. THEN you can get some real help in the door.
And I still think you should re-sign Drury to an affordable salary when his contract is up. He won't be offered big deals, and he'd probably take a bit of a discount to stay. If things go right over the course of the next couple of years, the team will have improved and he'd be used only as a role player in a role he'd fill like a champ. He'd face a lot less pressure, too, although I don't think that's the problem with him.

Again, you can't keep ALL of your good young players. Everyone wants a raise eventually. Not everyone can get one. A cheap rock solid veteran is a nice thing to have. I think they should keep Avery, too. He'd probably take a discount, as well.

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