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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
It's not heel wear in general, the heel wear issue is when it's MUCH more concentrated in the heel. If you're burning through the heel in a period or two when your tape job lasts 3 games, you have an issue.

My tape wears evenly along the middle of the blade with more wear in the heel and in the toe.
Indeed. Also, for all the people saying heavy tape wear right by the heel can come from stickhandling, not shooting, I disagree. Think about practice/stick and puck, if you go out and work mainly on stickhandling/passing your tape will not wear much at all even after an hour or two of use, but practice blasting slap shot after slap shot and your tape will be worn through in half an hour. Better yet, just check your tape wear after a good session of SHOOTING at stick and puck, if it is heavily concentrated right by the heel with little wear anywhere else, then you are putting most of the pressure on the heel of your stick during your shots, when more evenly distributed pressure will give you a harder and more accurate shot. As for the toe and heel wear, I get this a bit too, and think it's normal, especially when I take a lot of snap shots (I start my flex more on the toe on snappers).

People can think I'm wrong all they want, but I'm quite confident that:
- roughly evenly distributed wear = roughly even pressure on the blade when shooting
- wear very concentrated only at the heel = putting all your pressure on the heel when shooting, which leads to poor and unpredictable stick flex, those weaker and less accurate shots

If you rarely shoot and really use your stick mostly for poke checks and what not, thats fine, but if you think an overly wrong stick is fine for shooting, you should really give a shorter (obviously not too short) stick a try for a few hours and see what happens to your shot.

Just for fun, here's some slow mo videos of how a slap shot should be performed, you will notice that none of these guys are predominantly pressuring the heel, the blade contacts the ice quite flat, as it should be:


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