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10-31-2010, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
That was just so disgusting to watch. The game has no place for that kind of nonsense. Fight with your hands, not your stick.

That said, Briere was in the wrong as well. He will most likely be punished by means of suspension.
Briere didn't go about it in the classiest hockey way, but he obviously wasn't going to take Nielsen's crap there. Lip reading seems like Nielsen was leaning over Briere before the faceoff saying "You want someone, come at me," no idea what Briere's verbal response was.

The Islanders didn't feel like losing by five goals without making their mark, and they came off like toolish goons. Problem is that no one on this team will just sit there are take it. I still think Briere will get 1 or 3 games out of this, but he wasn't in the wrong in my mind to get some measure of retaliation.

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
the fact that he is a flyers will also add at least 1 game. Then Shooter will take the suspension n stride instead of saying something about it is my guess.
Not a chance. Whatever the league says he'll stick to. No way Holmgren or Lavi keeps Briere off the ice longer than Bettman/Campbell decide.

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