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10-31-2010, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by 4morecups View Post
Well what can you really expect of him? He hasn't seen much NHL action in 2+ years. It will take time to get the rust off and regain form. Do you think any goalie would be able to step in and be a top 10 goalie in the league after 2+ years off? Give him some time, if he is still playing this way come February-March we will have a problem, and something will have to be done. It's sad to see how negatively most people talk about him, it's not his fault he has been injured, its not his fault the isles foolishly signed him to a lifetime contract.
Every time someone makes one of these posts I smash my head into a wall. If Rick Dipietro needs more than a game or two to "get the rust off and regain form" then he should be in Bridgeport. The Islanders are in the National Hockey League. It's October. If the Islanders are willing to risk any chance they have of making the playoffs to help one player "regain form" then they are truly an embarrassment to the league.

Fact: The Islanders have a higher chance of winning with Roloson in net.

Fact: The Islanders are giving significant playing time to Dipietro regardless.

That's extremely pathetic. Show me another example of this happening in the NHL. Ever.

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