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10-31-2010, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Again though, look at SJ, they've been a good team for the better part of the last decade and apparently still have problems breaking even.

Look at Anaheim, won the Cup in 06-07, made the WCF in 08-09, in contention for a PO spot for most of 09-10, 20th in the league in attendance last year and by all accounts, a complete afterthought in southern California (I knew a couple people from SC in college).

No doubt that the competitive record for most of these teams isn't great, but Anaheim and SJ have both had 5 year runs that about 24 NHL teams would kill for and neither one of them is a big draw yet or anywhere close to a marquee franchise.

So I mean, if you're telling me it's going to take 10 years of sustained success for these franchises to make an impact, I say, ship them to Canada or get rid of them.
A kid that has spent his entire life with the San Jose Sharks existing, is only, what, 18 today? That's not a season ticket holder. Unfortunately, you need to give these markets like 30 years to really judge 'em... which is why the overcharged expansion policy of the NHL beginning in the early 1990s was absolutely asinine.

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