Thread: The Province: Man Hates Bieksa to New Extremes
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10-31-2010, 04:38 PM
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Epic lulz @ the people who didn't realize it was just a troll article. So many dead giveaways.

Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
It's funny that The Province has given up all semblance of being a real newspaper and is now masquerading as The Onion.

If you post satire, you should probably mark it as such. And if you blatantly rip off The Onion's schtick without giving credit... you suck as a writer. Especially when your "nom de plume" is Vanilla Ice's real name.
I like The Onion and all but... satire belongs to The Onion now? When did that happen? Simply writing a satirical news article isn't ripping The Onion off, might as well blame The Onion for ripping off Jon Swift's A Modest Proposal and blame Jon Swift for ripping off someone else and on and on.

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