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10-31-2010, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
The Kurtenblog has been mind numbingly bad since...well...forever. They really reach for their jokes, and I can't for the life of me understand why the Province still affiliates with these clowns.
As I have noted in the past they think they are real wits... but they are only half right.

I have already been trashed by these two (half)wits by user name awhile back when I took them to task for their lack of rudimentary hockey knowledge and poor writing skills. Not to mention sophomoric attempts at what passes for toilet humour.

They wrote in response:
From the KB inbox. It seems our thoughts on Alain Vigneault and the Canucks' struggling offence caused quite the stir over at the Canucks' message board. A special KBFU goes to the hilariously named Wetcoaster (because, you see, it rains a lot here). Scroll down on page 3 for his rather hurtful critique, which includes taking us to task for predicting last year's Canucks would win 43 games (they won 49) and finish eighth in the conference (they finished with the sixth-most points). We really do suck, don't we.

As I noted in a past post you should read them:
Only if you prefer sophomoric toilet humour and the inablity to string coherent thoughts together along with a total lack of writing skills. And that is just the technical end of things. In terms of the substantive thay have less hockey hockey knowledge than the vast majority of posters... and that is really saying something. If this is what one craves then the Orland Kurtenblog should be first on a "to do" list.

If you prefer scintillating humour and incisive analysis, read my posts.

As I noted in another post:
The two brilliant satirists (ok they alone seem to think they are brilliant satirists) at Orland Kurtenblog seem to have little use for the denizens of hockey forums. Mind you these two guys (Jason Brough and Mike Halford) make Eklund look like a a knowledgeable hockey insider in comparison.
The Natives Are Restless With Canucks Marketing

In recent days, we've opined on a couple of less-than-groundbreaking marketing efforts by the Vancouver Canucks. The first was the "7th Canuck"; the second was the documentary fan-umentary about the team, which can be seen this coming Monday - one night only! - at these theatres.

Not surprisingly, we didn't have many nice things to say about the promotions. Not that the Canucks could expect us to - these gimmicks aren't created for sarcastic, negative, downbeat, pessimistic commentators like us. Buying in to things is not what we do. We see a glass that's half full and we wonder who poisoned it. Basically, we're jerks, and this is what would happen if you met us at a party:

As such, in the past, we've poked a bit of fun at the many diehard Canucks fans who spend hours upon hours reading, writing and obsessing on the team's message boards.

Not that it's a 24/7 beacon of optimism at the place the kids call "CDC," but the majority of its predominantly-young inhabitants live, sleep and breath Vancouver's hockey team. More than anything, they want the team to succeed, and there is nothing casual about their support. Let's just say, if the Vancouver Canucks were a girl, they'd be the stalkers.
The Province is in serious trouble if they have to publish these two idiots.

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